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on all orders over 150.00 Euros

Reward Points

What is Reward Points?

You get Reward Points when buying online at our store. You get Reward Points for every Euro you spend.

How can i use the earned points?

In the next purchases at our online store you will be able to spend your earned points, this way you will get an additional discount.

How much is 1 point?

every point is 1 Euro, so we are giving back to you a 5% of the total spent in your order, so if you are buying a 900 Euros kite, you will get 45 points that made a discount of 45 Euros avalaible for your next purchases in for example, a harness.

My points appear as 'pending points', why?

An admin have to give the ok to your points before you can use them. It will be done very soon!

Are the points avalaible for all the products in the online store?


Do all the products give me points when purchasing?

You will get points for every product except Gift Vouchers, or 2nd hand.