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JP Fusion AST 2017


65 Puntos de Fidelizacion


The combination of a surf board outline, subtly curved rocker line and generous volume thinned out on the rails through a step deck is a winning concept that fuses glide and stability with great surfing characteristic. The bottom shapes feature concaves throughout running into a V towards the tail. The V in the tail helps to rail up when going down a wave. Their noses create efficient lift and the thinned out rails produce good bite during turns. The all-new 9’2”x30.5” closes the gap between the 8’5” and the 9’8” and is available in PRO, WE and AST version. The 10’2” and the 10’8” are also available as a Soft Deck version and come in a single fin option while all the other sizes come with a thruster set-up. The FUSIONs have a really good glide and are happy in flat water paddling, but they love the waves.

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  • Fabricado por: JP-Australia

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Este producto fue introducido en nuestro catálogo el lunes 17 octubre, 2016.