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Cabrinha Radar 2015

Starting at: €730.00


Versatile crossover kite
Scaleable performance
Designed to maximize progression
Three strut simplicity
Swept leading edge for stability
Best relaunching kite to date
Park and ride stability

The all new Radar kite intelligently combines raw performance with absolute simplicity. The Radar is a performance three strut kite with a park and ride power source. Any input given to the control system translates into an immediate response from the kite. The Radar is a full bodied, swept wing kite, meaning that you will not find an easier kite to relaunch when the kite hits the water. The generously curved leading edge makes the kite roll into the relaunch position with very little input from the rider. The Radar excels as a crossover kite with legit skills in freeriding, freestyle, and surfing.

  • Manufactured by: Cabrinha

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 11 August, 2014.